Introduction to Bermuda

Photograph of Bermuda- Front StreetI’ve now been writing about Bermuda for more than 10 years. What a joy! Over the years, things have changed slowly and mostly for the
better. But, even if they hadn’t changed, Bermuda is still the magical island I fell in love with all those years ago. It’s still a real thrill to fly in from the west and gaze down at the great, fishhook-shaped atoll surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The pastel-colored buildings with their snowy-white roofs stand out like coral beads; the turquoise shallows and pale pink beaches never change; and Hamilton, the islands’ tiny capital city on the shore of the Great Sound, is an oh-so-English anomaly unique in the Western Hemisphere.

Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Whether it’s the combination of the English culture and its quasi-tropical setting, or something else. There’s just something very special about this little group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic that, once experienced, is never forgotten.

Perhaps it’s because I am English and feel very much at home among the little English-style shops, streets and churches. The cathedral, the bright red British pillar boxes, the food and specially the afternoon tea that’s almost a religious experience all help to make Bermuda even more English than England itself. Add pink sandy beaches, with some of the most beautiful island terrain to be found anywhere, and you have something very special indeed. There was a time when only the very rich could afford to vacation in Bermuda; not so today. Almost every budget can be accommodated here. From the small cottage colonies to the expensive luxury resort hotels, from the private yacht to the giant cruise ship, and from cook-for-yourself vacations to the all-inclusive package deals offered by any one of a growing number of operators, you’ll find something to suit your taste and your wallet. You can do six nights, seven days on the islands for as little as $1,250 per person, or you can pay as much as that per night. Whatever your budget, you’re sure of a grand time.

I hope you do enjoy your visit to Bermuda. Please feel free to tell me all about it. Send me an email to

Blair Howard 2008

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