Bermuda - The Attractions

Tiny though it is, Bermuda has much to offer. For the modern adventurer there are diversions aplenty: diving - snorkeling - sportfishing - hiking - exploring - golfing - shopping - caving

Bermuda Church WindowAs for sightseeing there’s even more: great military forts, fine old churches, magnificent lighthouses, historic buildings, botanical gardens, a national aquarium, museums and the great Naval Dockyard at the West End of the island group.

The capital and chief port of Bermuda is Hamilton, located in Pembroke Parish on the Main Island. With a population of only 2,000 and a total area of less than 200 acres, Hamilton is one of the world’s smallest cities. Bermuda’s second city of St. George is a picturesque little port and is one of Bermuda’s oldest settlements. It lies at the East End of the group on St. George’s Island.



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