Bermuda Honeymoons, Bermuda Weddings and Romantic Vacations

Bermuda Beach WeddingThis guide is designed to help you plan your Bermuda honeymoon, and make it as easy and as painless as possible. Bermuda has long been a top honeymoon destination, and no wonder: the island has so much to offer newlyweds: romantic hotels, small and large; beautiful weather and stunning scenery; crystal clear, emerald waters; and those amazing pink, powdery beaches; there’s no place quite like it. A Bermuda honeymoon, or a Bermuda wedding, then must offer the ultimate romantic experience. 

The Best Time To Go:

Bermuda HoneymoonersWell, in my opinion, there is no best time to go - even winter in Bermuda is lovely, but there's no doubt that the weather from May through October offers some special benefits; daytime temperatures hover in the mid-80s while the cool breezes of evening, with temperatures in the 70s, make for romantic times, outdoor dining, and long walks on deserted beaches. Wintertime in Bermuda is cool, but not cold; temperatures stay pretty much in the 60s and 70s, too cold for swimming, perhaps, but the beaches are still inviting, and there’s plenty to see and do, including hiking/walking, sightseeing, tennis, golf, boating fishing and, of course, the shopping is terrific: sorry guys.

Is Bermuda the perfect honeymoon spot for all? Sadly, no. If you love nightlife, partying and such, you’ll find the island a rather dull place: there’s no grand casinos, no rowdy night clubs – there are plenty of typically English pubs – and the island is a quiet and peaceful spot, romantic? Yes. Upbeat and lively? No. That being said, if you’re looking for the ultimate romantic honeymoon experience, I venture to say, Bermuda is what you’re looking for.


Honeymoon Cuple on a Rented MopedGetting around: no car rentals here: you’ll need to learn how to operate a moped for two (lessons are provided by the rental companies), or you can rent a bicycle, grab a taxi or, and this my favorite way getting around, you can ride one of those pretty pink buses; they go just about everywhere and there’s always another due every 15 minutes, or so. Oh, and don’t forget the ferries; another great way to travel around the west end of the island. Read more about getting around.

Bermuda Weddings: Yes, you can get married in Bermuda. My advice, though, is that hire a wedding planner, or at least lean heavily on the wedding coordinator at your chosen resort or hotel. They will make sure that all goes to plan, and they will provide you with all the important details well in advance; they’ll even publish your wedding announcement in two of the island’s newspaper – one of Bermuda’s regulations. One of your most important considerations is, of course, how you are going to get everyone to the island, and their accommodations; expensive if you’re paying for everything, but well worth it in the end.

Where to Stay:

You know, I have been visiting Bermuda now for more than 20 years and I know the island and all it has to offer very well. There are not so many hotel options to choose from, but I can’t think of a single one I would not stay at myself. From the grand resort to the tiny bed and breakfast inn, they all have something unique to offer. In general, all are extremely well-run (the Bermuda Department of Tourism and the local Hotel Association sees to that), and the service is usually second to none. Weddings and honeymoons are especially well-catered for. So, here are the options:

Check out these five tips for a perfect Bermuda honeymoon. You'll find there's a great deal more information about Bermuda weddings and honeymoons in various place around this website. A great place to begin your planning is at out home page. Congratulations and we hope you have a wonderful life.

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