Where to Stay in Bermuda

Probably the most important question you'll have when planning your visit is, where to stay in Bermuda? You'll find the information you need right here. Most of the hotels and resorts included in the listings below we've visited, a few we haven't. Feel free to drop us a line and ask any questions you might have. We'll do our best to answer them for you.

Each of the following categories offers a variey of options; just click on the links and away you go:

Accomodations in Bermuda can be fairly expensive. Rates, on the whole, though, are on a par with those of the hotels in London, Paris and New York. So... where to stay in Bermuda? We hope this section will help you figure it out. Below, you'll find links to pages with listings of most of Bermuda's resorts, hotels, guest houses and and self-catering/housekeeping apartments.

Photograph of Bermuda Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Bermuda

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First, let's talk about meal plans: In-house meals, when not a part of a plan, can be costly with breakfast running anywhere from $20 to $35, and dinner rarely less than $50. And talking of breakfast: if you've never had a "full English breakfast" it's an experience you won't want to miss.

All this might at first seem a little off-putting, but don't let it. Bermuda is one of those rare spots on the globe where you can enjoy life as it should be enjoyed. When the sun shines and the fresh breezes blow in through the window of your guest room - small hotel, guest house or grand resort - you'll be glad you decided to spend a little time on one of the most beautiful islands in the western hemisphere. I promise.

If you want to save money, try to visit in the off-season between November 1st and March 31st; you’ll save around 40% on your hotel room rate. A vacation during these months can offer some definite advantages. While many of the tourist-related services – the helicopter rides, charter boats, dive operators, etc. – close during winter and the water can be a little on the cool side, the weather is ideal for golf, tennis, sightseeing and shopping. Oh, and be sure to check out your options with Self-Catering Cottages and Apartments, it's a really great way to stay in Bermuda.

Most of the islands’ accommodations are on the South Side (along with the best beaches, in Paget, Warwick and Southampton Parishes), and still more are around the harbor and on the inner shores of Great Sound, served by a regularly scheduled bus and ferry service into Hamilton. It matters little where your hotel is located. The island is small and nowhere is very far from anywhere. All areas are wellserved by public transportation.

Bermuda - How to Get There:

For visitors arriving by air, Bermuda is served by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe. Bermuda is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry  

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