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The Montana was an English blockade runner operating between London and the southern ports of the Confederacy. She was a sleek, swift, side-wheeler paddle steamer, 236 feet long, 25 feet across the beam and displaced 750 tons.

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Montana was powered by twin 260 horsepower engines that could push her at more than 15 knots. She operated covertly under a number of names other than Montana. Paramount, Nola, Gloria are but a few. On December 30th, 1863, she was heading from London to Wilmington and making for port in Bermuda to take on coal when she ran aground on the reef six miles northwest of the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Montana lies in 30 feet of water, close to the wreck of Lartington,
and within swimming distance of the wreck of Constellation. Her bow section is still fairly intact. The fantailed stern section lies a short distance from the main part of the wreck and is also recognizable. Her engines and paddle wheels lie near the center of the site, which is great for underwater photography.

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