Bermuda Guest Houses

One of the best "where to stay" options on the island is Bermuda's Guest Houses. More Bed and Breakfast inns than hotels, these often quaint little homes-come-hotels offer plenty of personal service, good food, and owners who care about you and want to make your stay a memorable one. Rates range from budget to expensive, but you always get at least a little more than you pay for. Bermuda Guest Houses are not quite the well-kept secret they once were, but pick the right time of your to go and you can bet you have plenty of peace, quiet and a rare view of Bermuda living as few get to see it. Here are some options:

Hotel Rates and Meal Plans

We have visited all of the above Guest Houses, stayed in some and just looked at others. As far as we can tell, all provide good clean accommodations and fair value for money. That being said, due to changing times and circumstances, we can make no recommendations, specific or implied, and therefore cannot accept any responsibility for any problems you may experience during your stay at any of the hotels we have reviewed.

Bermuda - How to Get There:

For visitors arriving by air, Bermuda is served by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe. Bermuda is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry.

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