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Shopping in Hamilton Bermuda is one of the activities that can become addictive. From the large department stores to the Washington Mall to the tiny gift and antique shops set among the city's back streets and allys, there's a bargain to be found around every corner. Front Street is Hamilton's main shopping strip, and it's always fun to visit the many different little shops and stores thereon before heading up into Hamilton proper.

Irish Linen Shop Bermuda

The Irish Linen Shop at the corner of Front and Queens

Shops not to be missed include Cooper's Shop, and on Front Street you should try Constables of Bermuda for Icelandic woolens. The Irish Linen Shop, Astwood Dickinson (fine jewelry), and Bluck’s for fine china and paintings. and the Washington Mall on Queen Street
between Reid and Church Street in Hamilton. This is the only shopping mall in the city. It features a variety of boutiques, restaurants and film and digital processing.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the possibilities. Perhaps the most obvious place to go shopping in the city is the Washington Mall. Yes, it’s a mall in every sense of the American definition: long avenues of shops, stores, cafés and the like that connect one city thoroughfare to another. There are three sections: the Mall itself, then West Washington Mall and Washington Mall II. The Mall and its Western section are both entered from Reid Street. Be sure to stop in at Delicious: there you’ll find such delicacies as cream slices (made with real cream) and sausage rolls. If you’re from England, you’ll know exactly what sausage rolls are. If not, you should try one. They’re something of an acquired taste and not every one likes them. However, a sausage roll and a cup of hot tea always tops my list of priorities – when I can find one, that is. Inside the Mall, you’ll find a wealth of shopping opportunities, including the Body Shop, another English legend, the Harbourmaster for fine leather goods, and a number of little shops where you can get those hard-to-find gifts for the folks back home.

Butterfield Place, off Front Street in Hamilton, is a unique little shopping center with all sorts or upscale goodies, including leather goods at Voila, Scottish woolens at the Highlander, fine arts at the Michael Swann Gallery; there’s even a Louis Vuitton outlet. Next to Butterfield Place, still on Front Street, is The Emporium, another unique grouping of small shops and stores. If you’re a cigar aficionado, stop in at the Tienda de Tabaco; you might even want to take time out to enjoy a smoke with the regulars. In The Gallery you might just find something special for a loved one back home. The focus of The Gallery is local and African art. If you’re an antique collector, philatelist or numismatist, check out Portabello. The ladies can drop in at Eve’s Garden for intimate apparel. Time for lunch? Try Kathy’s Kaffee and Sushi Bar, a neat little eatery where the food is good and you can relax over a snack and a cup of tea or coffee.

It’s difficult to describe what kind of niche A.S. Cooper, 59 Front Street in Hamilton, fills. I suppose it’s best described as an upscale gift shop, though that hardly does it justice. Anyway, here you’ll see all sorts of fine gifts to take home. These might include a bone china teapot, a unique piece of jewelry, or a bottle of exotic perfume. There are branches on Reid Street in Hamilton, on Somer’s Wharf in St. George, in the Southampton Princess, the Sonesta Beach Hotel, the Elbow Beach Hotel, and at the Royal Naval Dockyard. 441-

Bluck’s is where to go when you’re looking for fine china. The main store is on Front Street in Hamilton, and there are branches in St. George and at the Southampton Princess Hotel. Many of the designs have been commissioned from the great potteries in Europe especially for Bermuda. These include Spode, Worcester, Staffordshire and Herend. 441-295-5367.

The Irish Linen Shop, at Hey’s Corner, 31 Front Street, in Hamilton,
is another opportunity you won’t want to miss. I can assure you, my wife never does. Wherever we go, she makes this outlet one of her first ports of call; yes, you can find them in Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas, as well as on some of the islands in the Caribbean. Our dining table is always covered by a fine linen table cloth, along with napkins and placemats. The beds have Irish linen pillow cases, and the sideboard usually sports a linen mat of one sort or another.
The great thing about these shops is the prices: always, you’ll pay at least 40% less for your linens than you would back home. Better yet, if you happen to visit them when they’re running a sale, you can walk away, loaded up, feeling as if you’ve just robbed the store. 441-295-4089, fax 441-295-4089.

Be sure to stop by the Gem Cellar and take a look at their handmade jewelry. Again, if you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind gift, this old-world little jeweler’s shop is where you’ll probably find it. take Old Cellar Lane from Front Street in Hamilton. 441-292-3042.

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