Bermuda Horseback Riding - Horseback Riding in Bermuda

Bermuda Horseback Riding: you can do it throughout the year at both of the facilities listed below. All rides are accompanied by qualified instructors. Horses cannot be hired and ridden without supervision, as Bermuda has very strict laws regarding horseback riding in public areas, especially on the public beaches.

Bermuda Horseback Riding

The Spicelands Riding Centre, Middle Road, Warwick, 441-238-8212,, is set in a rural area close to the South Shore. A bridle path leads from the Riding Center to the beach, and a full staff of qualified personnel caters to the needs of riders. They take children and adults at all levels of expertise. A number of daily trail rides are available by reservation:

Trail Rides along the South Shore last for about an hour and cost $80.

No riding experience is necessary, just a wish to experience the beauty of Bermuda on horse back.

Ride Times (seasonal - call for current times):

Reservations are required. Please arrive 30 minutes before your ride to allow time to sign in.

Protective headgear is provided; hard-soled shoes or sneakers
are recommended. The rates were correct at the time of writing but, as always, call ahead to verify current charges. Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards are required when making a reservation,
and 24-hour’s notice is required for cancellation.

For Handicapped Visitors:

Bermuda Riding forthe Disabled, Windreach Recreation Village, 5 Wind Reach Lane, 441-238-7433.

This facility is fast gaining in popularity. Here, handicapped adults and kids can enjoy an experience they may never have the opportunity for anywhere else. All are welcome. Lessons and riding are provided free of charge – it’s a charitable organization – but donations are welcome and appreciated. As it’s one of the more popular attractions on the islands, you should call well ahead of time to book your spot. The facility is completely wheelchair-accessible. Open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 3 pm, and on Saturday from 9:30 until noon. For more information about the various equestrian opportunities on the islands, you can contact the Bermuda EquestrianFederation, 441-295-6042. They will give you all the information you need on scheduled events – show jumping and the like – throughout the year.

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