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Jenny BermudaAre you planning to visit Bermuda? If so, this is where you'll find all the in-depth info you'll need to make your trip to Bermuda a success. Bermuda for Visitors is dedicated to providing detailed information such as Where to Stay in Bermuda, the things to do in Bermuda, and even what to expect from the weather in Bermuda; you'll also find the information you need to plan your Cruise to Bermuda, even your Bermuda Honeymoon or Wedding. What else can we do for you? Well this, we believe, is the definitive website for visitors to Bermuda and Bermuda visitor information. You'll find extensive reviews of Bermuda's hotels and resorts, Bermuda's spas, beaches, shopping, hiking and you can read in-depth reviews and listings for:

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Visitor's Guide to Bermuda:

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Hiking in Bermuda:

Hiking in Bermuda, small as the island is, is an attractive proposition. Bermuda's tribe roads, its numerous parks, trails and even its beaches spread across the island offer numerous possibilities:

Photograph of Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Views like this only at Elbow Beach Bermuda

From the eye-catching pastels of its dwellings to its beaches and ocean-scapes, Bermuda offers a wide selection of vacation options. Bermuda really is an idyllic little island getaway and you can count on exceptional personal service, not just at the large hotels and resorts, but at just about all of Bermuda's Hotels and guest houses. The romantic intimacy of the many small hotels is intoxicating. You might even consider visiting the island and opting for a do-it-yourself getaway in a self-catering cottage or apartment.

For the modern adventurer there are activities aplenty, from biking to sightseeing to diving, snorkeling to sportfishing and reef fishing, shopping, horseback riding, and there are more golf courses than there are fast-food restaurants. Bermuda Scuba Diving is among the best in the world. Tiny though it is, Bermuda, one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it has much to offer its visitors.

Dolphins in Bermuda

Visit these special finny creatures in Bermuda at Dolphin Quest

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